Latin Name:

Taraxacum officinale

Manx Name:



March - October

Locations where this species is found:
Port Soderick Silverburn River Niarbyl Glen Maye Archallagan Scarlett Point Fleshwick Ballannette Glen Mooar Glen Helen Glen Auldyn Groudle Glen Clypse and Kerrowdhoo Bradda Head Langness Port St Mary Glen Rushen Maughold Ballaglass Glen Ballaugh Curraghs

One of the most familiar wild flowers, dandelions can be found in grassy places everywhere.

The name "Dandelion" comes from the French "Dent de lion", meaning "tooth of the lion"; a reference to the jagged leaves resembling teeth.

Dandelion leaves are edible and the roots of the plant can be used as a substitute for coffee.

The Manx name for this flower is "Lus-ny-minnag".
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