Wild Carrot

Latin Name:

Daucus carota

Manx Name:

Carradje feie


June - September

Locations where this species is found:
Niarbyl Port St Mary

The ancestor of the cultivated carrot, wild carrot is common throughout the island.

While wild carrot is edible, it very closely resembles other members of the carrot family, some of which are extremely poisonous. Foragers should take extreme caution when dealing with any member of the carrot family, and ideally avoid them altogether.

Wild Carrot has been used as a contraceptive and abortifacient since ancient times and should be avoided by pregnant women.

Wild carrot can be distinguished from other members of the carrot family by the distinctive bract underneath each flower head. Other distinguishing characteristics are a single red flower that sometime appears in the center of the umbel, and the way the flower curls inwards when fruiting.

Wild carrot is the plant referred to as "Queen Anne's Lace", although this name is sometimes incorrectly applied to other similar plants. It Manx name is "Carradje feie".
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